Lgbo hip-hop

Lgbo hip-hop


Contemporary Nigerian pop musicians draw from and construct upon a treasure trove of indigenous musical idioms and overall performance practices, inclusive of call-and-reaction techniques, extemporization, and unique melodic, rhythmic and harmonic vocabularies. It is vital to recognize how, for example, an Igbo hip hop musician like Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike (popularly called Phyno) is inspired through factors of conventional Igbo musical and language practices. Also, read The cavemen in detail.

Top 5 most talented lgbo Rappers:

In Nigerian music industry, it is without a doubt that Igbo hip-hop rappers are among the rappers addressing from one side of the country to the other, mainland including the enormous world. Igbo hip hop rapper like Phyno has been on coordinated effort with music industry greatest stars like Davido, Olamide even USA hip hop rapper Grain. So today we will be taking a gander at the main five best Igbo rappers right now.


Owoh Chimaobi Chrismathner also known as Zoro SwagBag was brought into the world on the twentieth of Walk 1990. He hails from Awgu in Enugu state. He’s the rapper on the monstrous hits Owu sa gi, Safe excursion and all the more as of late,

He dropped a resonating joint that quickly turned into the Enugu state hymn: 042, trailed by other one of a kind singles like, OTU perspective and Usain Bolt.


Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson (conceived 9 October 1986), better realized by his stage name Phyno, is a He is known overall for rapping in the Igbo language. His presentation studio collection, No Guts No Magnificence, was delivered in 2014. It delivered the singles “Apparition Mode”, “Man of the Year”, “Bundle” and “O Set” which won him three headies grant and other various honors.Nigerian rapper and record maker.


Tobechukwu Melvin Ejiofor, prominently realized by his stage name Illbliss (at times adapted as iLLBliss), is a Nigerian hip jump recording craftsman, entertainer, financial specialist and proprietor of the overseeing outfit The Gorretii Organization, same organization liable for Chidinma and Phyno, among others.

Otherwise called Oga Chief, Ejiofor was an individual from the now outdated Hip Jump Gathering – Da Thorobreds. The gathering, comprising of other eminent hip jump artistes like Elajoe, Obiwon , Amaka and B-Choose, copped the honor for the Best HipHop melody by a gathering/team at the 2006 release of Hip Jump World Honors for the enormous radio hit “Streethop”.hers.

Mr Raw:

Okechukwu Edwards Ukeje, better realized by his stage name Mr Crude (previously N.I.G.G.A. Crude), is a rapper from Southeastern Nigeria.

He is the trailblazer of Igbo rap, a classification that presently requests to a wide, standard crowd.

Brought up in Enugu, he acquired conspicuousness during the mid 2000s rapping in the Igbo language and Pidgin English.

Slow dogg:

Nnenna Okechukwu Emmanuel a.k.a Slow Homey, is a Nigerian rapper artiste who is prevalently known for his remarkable comic igbo rap. He is from a group of 6 comprising of 3 young men and 3 young ladies, hails from Oyi Neighborhood Government Region in Anambra State.

Slowdog experienced childhood in Enugu State where he educated and furthermore concentrated on Promoting in the Establishment of The board and Innovation (IMT).

Slowdogg is most certainly one of the trailblazers of igbo rap,tho his conveyance has been addressed by some I actually accept slow canine is one of the most incredible with regards to rapping with the igbo vernacular.

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