How to learn Quran online for kids in 1 year

It is said `Uthman: The Prophet said,“ The best of you (Muslim) are those who study al -Qur’an and teach it. ”[Sahih al-Bukhari, 5027]

Learn Quran online for kids reading and memorizing al -Quran is one of the highest acts that a Muslim can do. The memorization of the Qur’an came from the time of the Prophet ﷺ when the huffadh would immediately memorize the verses of the Qur’an. It began since the first revelation when the Holy Prophet learned the verses itself. He then encouraged his friends to memorize the verses from the scriptures.

Today, Muslims around the world perform Hifz (memorizing) al -Quran and live in their hearts forever, Ma shaa Allah.

Tour the course

If you think you’re late to be hafiz, not so. Islam welcomes learners of all ages and encourages them to learn. However, if you ask -how to memorize the Quran in 1 year, some of these tips by Huffadh can be useful to you.


Let’s talk about the most important elements of the Hifz Quran first. The memorization of al -Quran is not difficult for Allah ﷻ Make it easy for people to believe. However, your part in studying the Quran is especially concentrated and consistency. Memorizing the Quran in one year is easier than you think now, but only if you are consistent.

For example, you decide to start memorizing the Quran from today, and then hold on to it. Don’t let other things cover your HIFZ Quran time. If you take an hour from your schedule daily, keep in mind that hours cannot be consumed in other things.

Events every day

To keep it in your memory correctly and accurately, you need to repeat and revisit it often. The best way to evolve your memorization of the Quran is to repeat it daily at your fault. Once you are on the path and learn some surahs, try to read different things in each other to become members of each other.

Understand the meaning of it

Have you ever realized how easy it was when you learned something you understand? The Hifz Quran is about how to memorize the Quran in 1 year, as well as how to memorize it right. If Arabic is not your mother’s language, you may face the mall while memorizing the Quran. However, you can learn it faster if you understand it. You can find the Quran with a translation in your mother language to help you understand it better. Learning Arabic is another option if you think you can take a few weeks for it. Placing a little effort and extra time will make it easier and more comfortable for you to memorize the Quran in the online Quran memorization course.

Have a friend

It is always said that two is better than one, especially when it comes to studying the Quran. Islam appreciates the friends who take you to the path of good, and you can be that friend!

If you are looking for a way of memorizing the Quran in 1 year, having a friend can be the perfect idea. You will have someone to discuss and ask how they are planning to learn.


Always remember that there is no shortcut to the Hifz Quran. People who are inventive in memorizing al -Quran should not only look forward to memorizing the Quran in 1 year but also remembering it forever. Exercise and revision as much as you can strengthen the root of the holy verses in your heart


The largest divine book, the Quran

Online Quran for kids and memorizing al -Quran is a great privilege, and you can learn it quickly in an easy way to learn the Quran for beginners if you are determined. Keep in mind that the purpose should memorize the Quran in accordance with it, and even if it lasts a few weeks for more than a year.

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