What are the Effects of Mangal Dosha on Kundli?

Mangal Dosha on Kundli

According to Vedic Astrology, the planet Mars causes problems in several areas of a person’s life when it occupies particular houses in the horoscope. Mangliks, or those with Mangal Dosha, have Mars in this kind of afflicted state. Kuja Dosha and Bhauma Dosha are two other names for this issue. Marriages affected by Mars issues are said to be problematic in Western Astrology.

For Mangal Dosha, it’s also essential to look at the Moon and Venus charts in addition to the Lagna chart. A person is not deemed Manglik if Mars has no influence on their three birth charts. Kuja Dosha and Bhauma Dosha are two other names for Mangal Dosha.

North Indian astrologers don’t look at the second house, and South Indian astrologers don’t look at the first house to determine if someone has Mangal Dosha. However, Nanchang prefers to consider both the first and second houses when evaluating Mangal Dosha.

Are You Manglik?

The Moon chart, Venus chart, and Lagna chart can all be analyzed for Mangal Dosha to determine if a person is Manglik. A person is not deemed Manglik if Mars has no influence on their three birth charts.

When examining a natal horoscope for Mangal Dosha, North Indian astrologers ignore the second house, whereas South Indian astrologers ignore the first. However, the first and second houses are considered in mPanchang’s Mangal Dosha Calculator (Kuja dosha calculator). You can also use the best astrology app to find out if you are a Manglik.

Why is it so important to know your Mangal Dosha before getting married?

There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the word “Manglik” when it comes to talking about a marriage between two Indians. Marriage might be challenging for a Manglik or someone with Mangal Dosha, especially if they wed someone who did not share their birth sign. A marriage between a Manglik and someone who isn’t a Manglik is seen as doomed to fail. It could lead to fights, hurt feelings, or even the end of the partnership.

How Mangal Dosha affects Marital Life?

Kuja Dosha is a powerful regulator of marital harmony. Many teenagers and their families struggle because marriage takes too long or it’s hard to locate a good mate. The rare marital dispute could be traced back to an unnecessary argument over something of little consequence. One possible cause is having a Manglik or Mangal Dosha in one’s birth chart.

When one or both parties are Mangliks, however, and the marriage is solemnized without first examining the charts, the resulting union can be highly stressful for everyone involved because no one knows what is causing the problems or what factors are at play.

Can A Manglik Marry A Non- Manglik?

Astrologers advise against a Manglik marrying a non-Manglik since it is believed that doing so will bring bad luck into the union. However, if Saturn is in a favorable position in the Kundli of the non-Manglik spouse, the marriage can go through. If you want to find out how a person with a Manglik Dosha can marry someone without that dosha, it is best to use the Mangal Dosha Calculator through the best astrology app or see an online astrologer. To determine whether or not a Manglik can match another Manglik, all that has to be done is look at their Manglik Dosha. Free astrological marriage predictions require using a marriage calculator to establish whether or not prospective spouses are a good fit.

What Are The Effects Of Mangal Dosha?

For Vedic Astrologers, the planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu all have negative connotations. Given its influence on one’s Birth Horoscope, Mars is often considered the cruelest planet. If framed negatively, it is seen as having the most significant harm to local married life. A person’s Mars can have distinct effects on their lives depending on where it falls in their birth chart or Kundali. Look at Mangal Dosh’s impact on various areas of your life outside marriage.

  • Those who suffer from Mangal Dosh have a lot of adversaries.
  • The family dynamic is strained when Mangal Dosha is present.
  • People who identify as Mangalik may struggle to readjust to romantic partnerships.
  • Marriage is often a complicated and lengthy process for Mangliks.
  • They spend a lot of time and energy on conflicts that aren’t required.
  • People predisposed to the Mangalik dosha often feel dissatisfied in their professional roles.


The astrological predictions indicate that a marriage between a Manglik and a person who is not a Manglik would not succeed. This couple’s ability to enjoy marital bliss, financial security, physical wellness, and emotional contentment may suffer due to their union. It is common to consult an online astrologer for a Kundali match before getting married.

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