Valentine’s Day DIY: How to Package Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Valentine’s Day is not far off and what preferred method for celebrating love over with Chocolate Covered Strawberries? Whether giving them to your darling, companions, or family, chocolate covered strawberries can be the ideal gift. Around here at ClearBags, we have an assortment of bundling choices to make your strawberries stick out and get your Valentine’s heart vacillating.

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Completely clear Boxes

These completely clear boxes are ideal for bundling since they truly let the strawberries sparkle!

You can utilize different shaded fillers, candy, or cupcake liners on the lower part of the cases to add tone and examples. The outside can be designed with Vinyl Stretch Loops, strips, printed marks, stickers, written by hand notes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Each case effectively fits properly for fast gathering and opens at the top so you can undoubtedly put and organize your strawberries without stressing over smearing chocolate or unpredictable plans.

Lavish Boxes

For some additional beautification, think about utilizing elaborate boxes. These containers come in different shapes, sizes, and tones. Lavish boxes are accessible in clear, iced, kraft, dark, and white choices. With such countless various boxes to look over, you can track down an ideal method for showing your strawberries.

Settled Boxes

Our settled box sets are one more imaginative method for bundling chocolate covered strawberries. Fill each inward box with a strawberry or a smart candy for a tomfoolery and special method for conveying a few desserts even Cupid would experience passionate feelings for!


Our completely clear sacks are ideal for flaunting your berries and make bundling simple. Fold Seal Bags turn out perfect for single strawberries and our Flat Bottom Gusset Bags accompany or without a paper supplement to guarantee these chocolate plunged desserts are kept upstanding and fit to be talented to your Valentine.

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with impeccably bundled Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! Show us how you bundled your strawberries in the remarks or label us via virtual entertainment.

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Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are a heavenly treat because of their prepared taste. They are generally given as gifts, in spite of the fact that moving the profoundly transient and temperature-delicate treats can be a muddled method. You’ll have to set up the strawberries for transportation by safeguarding the leafy foods them to keep the chocolate from dissolving and the natural product from ruining while they’re being delivered. You will likewise have to investigate the natural product delivering directions for the organization that you intend to transport with, as strawberries may not be sent globally and, now and again, just to the mainland United States.


Pick their quickest priority delivering choice, probable FedEx First Overnight, or FedEx Priority Overnight. FedEx will permit you to mail transient and home-made things globally, however you’ll have to check the things as such on the receipt that you fill out.

Ensure that you alert the beneficiary ahead of when they can hope to get the bundle, so that it’s not left outside for any time span. While mailing the strawberries, you ought to have gotten a following number: impart this to the gift’s beneficiary, so they can follow the bundle’s advancement too.

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