The Future of Capital Smart City Investment

Future of Capital Smart City Investment

A housing project is considered successful if it can effectively translate its vision and planning into execution and management on the ground. Capital Smart City, a joint venture between the Habib Rafique Group and FDHL, is an example of a housing project that has achieved its goals. Pakistan’s first smart city has become a leader due to excellent planning, accurate management, and quick development improvement. The society is a low-cost, high-rise housing complex with all of the most modern amenities and conveniences. As a result, it can cater to both low- and high-income citizens.

Development Update

The scale of machinery and labor at work at Capital Smart City is one of the most striking aspects of the development process. Since the outset, Habib Rafiq, one of Pakistan’s largest real estate developers, has demonstrated enormous potential in completing the large-scale project on schedule by utilizing over 175 equipment. Furthermore, after the formal debut of Capital Smart City in October 2019, the rate of development accelerated even further. As a result, the pace of construction activity by Habib Rafiq appears to be satisfactory to the Islamabad real estate market. The rising prices and increased demand for Smart City’s products reflect the said growing market confidence.

The Overseas Block’s Phase 1 will be the first to take possession. The developers were rumored to be handing it over in 2021, but there has been no confirmation, and the market is waiting with bated breath. Nonetheless, the Overseas block is being built faster to be ready for occupancy as soon as possible. The majority of the road and leveling work has been finished. Plotting is 

currently underway.

The developers of Capital Smart City officially opened the great mosque in Overseas block C in February 2020 with a Friday prayer attended by Capital Smart City’s authorized agents, investors, and management. In addition, the Jamia Mosque is now finished. Furthermore, in the Overseas block, the construction of Smart Villas has begun and is progressing swiftly.

Smart Villas have also begun development in both the Executive and Overseas blocks.  The access roads are being cleaned and developed swiftly to guarantee that tourists enjoy easy and direct access to the site. In addition, the National Highway Authority has approved the M-2 highway’s dedicated interchange (NHA). Construction on the Smart Interchange is expected to begin soon.

The land is also being cleaned and leveled at the Executive Block site. The installation of sewer lines has begun, and so has the construction of Smart Villas. After Overseas-1, the executive block phase-1 is expected to take possession. As a result, rapid growth is also taking place in the Executive Block.

What is the Future of Investment in Capital Smart City?

Given the developer’s high rate of construction/approval, it will eventually increase in size to compete with other projects – however, it will take some time since good things take time. Society is a viable option if you’re a long-term investor or a serious buyer wanting to build a home in the next two years or so. Because of its position, investors may access it from both inside and outside the twin cities, giving them an added incentive and the opportunity to grow their investment. Investors don’t have to waste time and money hunting for a good deal because one already exists in Capital Smart City and requires no additional research. However, plot prices are expected to climb substantially over time, so buyers are advised to watch the trend.


The future of Taj Residencia investment appears to be bright and prosperous. Society possesses all of the necessary components for success. It is anticipated to develop much further shortly. Capital Smart City is the spot for you if you want a higher standard of living at a fair price while still being close to the city’s center! For more information, contact Sigma Properties.

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