The Best Pets for Children: When are You Ready to Have One?

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The vast majority of children love pets and at some point, they will ask to have one, if that day comes and we decide to add a new member to the family we must take into account many factors, such as the care and attention that these pets need and also the responsibilities that this entails. Here you have the list of best pets for kids depending on their age and the pros and cons of having them.


7 Instructions and tips before they have pets

  1. Although the child commits to take care of her forever, we must know that she will also be responsible for us at some times and sometimes we will have to take care of her.
  2. We must know why he wants that pet and not another, that is not a simple whim of the moment. Having a vision that is something that has been longing for or asking (see that he really wants it)
  3. Depending on the pet you are going to have, both they and we must keep in mind that it can get dirty, break something or leave hair in the house. We will have to tolerate and adapt to certain things that we are not normally accustomed to.
  4. If the children are very young, they may not be mature enough to take care of certain pets, such as smaller pets: fish, birds, hamsters … this aspect must be well considered.
  5. If the child wants a certain large pet (such as a dog or cat) and we have more children at home, it would be necessary to know that the other children are also in favor of bringing it, taking care of it, and taking care of it.
  6. Having a pet will make them better develop their empathy, responsibility, and their nobility for animals. It is very important that we explain that they are living beings and also feel like us.
  7. A great option would be to adopt the pet. There are currently many pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters … etc.) that can be adopted and are looking for a home. We do not have to buy them.

The Most Recommended Pets for Children and Also Its Pros and Cons:


Dogs are an ideal pet: With them, children enjoy a lot. But we must choose the dog well; rather large dogs are recommended (because small dogs are more nervous and do not tolerate children so much). The most recommended breeds: bobtails, Boxers, Labradors, and golden retrievers.

Pros: Company, loyalty, friendship, game.

Cons: We must take them for a walk about 3 times a day; educate those well, possible hairs in the house or bites in shoes.


If we are going to have a cat, we must keep in mind that it is affectionate and friendly with people. They should be treated with care and softness, since if they are treated badly (for example, a small child grabs them badly and hurts them) they may release a blow. But if the children are formal or calm there will be no problem with having a cat.

Pros: Less demanding than dogs, more independent.

Cons: Possible scratches on furniture or children who treat them badly and hairs in the house


Hamsters are a pet much in demand by children. They are small animals, but they need a cage the more spacious the better (there are several floors, very cool). Also better to have more than one, so they give each other company because they can get depressed alone.

Pros: Very easy to care for, friendly, fun, cheap.

Cons: Being small, take care not to harm them, escape or fall.


The fish are quite easy to care for, but we must get the necessary equipment so that they are well (air pump, spacious fish tank, light … etc.), also keep the fish tank or aquarium clean and feed them properly. Goldfish are the most common. Better to have more than one.

Pros: Easy to care for and feed, they do not take up much space

Cons: They need several devices, some light expenditure, and decorations to create their habitat.


They are easy animals to care for and feed, but we must first learn how to do it. Children love them and they are becoming more popular and better as a pet.

Pros: They do not need much space, generate little work, are docile

Cons: They need to be taken out of their cage for a long time (with supervision).

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