Step by Step Guide to Become an Online Tutor?


Educating someone is such a noble profession and to share your knowledge with someone and to help them to preserve a brighter future is way more honorable. First of all, you have to do a little research on online Quran tutoring, learn about the opportunities available for you, the pros and cons of online tutoring, and suitable platforms for online tutoring. Here is a step-by-step guide towards becoming an online tutor: 

Step1: Set Your Requirements 

First of all, you need to set your requirements. You need to determine what grades of students you are going to take in and what are you capable of. 

Step2: Know Your Topic/Subject 

Before applying for online tutoring, you need to decide a niche or subject in which you are qualified and then teach that subject only. If you try to teach a subject, you are not familiar with, you will only get lower ratings on your professional profile. 

Step3: Research for Online Platforms 

Once you have chosen online tutoring as your profession, you have to look for websites, platforms, or apps for online tutoring. Do a little research about the best available options for online tutoring and compare the research results of all of them and choose at least 2 options. Because you should always have 1 site for your backup. In case if you won’t get a job from the first one you will definitely get one from the other one. 

Step4: Create Your Profile 

When you are creating your profile add in your basic credentials, then write about your education and experience, and then do write an inspiring description that will make you stand out from the others. Your description should be impressive because that’s how you are going to have more students. After writing the description write about the price you are going to charge on an hourly basis. Then only those students who can pay will contact. 

Step5: Post a Video 

After creating your profile, record a short video. In which either you will give a short introduction or you can also record a lecture as a sample of your work. That will increase the interest of the students and they will have a kind of online interaction. 

Step6: Set Up Payment Details 

After completing everything, add your payment details. You should always add two or more options, the particular reason for that is to facilitate your students. 

Step7: Brighten Up Your Profile 

When you start getting students, after every student, update your profile and add about your experience in your description. Keep polishing your profile. And update it from time to time. 

Step8: Monetary  

Once you get experience in online tutoring, update your pricing per hour. Increase the value of your time and knowledge. Always ask your students to leave good ratings and reviews. 


Online tutoring is not that difficult if you know exactly how to manage everything. It can be the easiest job in the world because you really don’t have to leave your home and you can work from your couch all day long. Once you create your profile and get students, organize a smart schedule, and work accordingly. Teaching techniques and methodologies have a great influence on your students. If your method of teaching is boring, then students will lose interest in learning. For instance, if you use online props and animations while teaching, it will increase the interest in learning among your students and they will get good grades. A student’s success is a tutor’s success as well. By following these steps, you can become an online tutor easily.

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