How Dhow Shipping in Dubai can help you contribute to sustainable development

Dhow shipping in Dubai can be an extraordinary experience, and not only because of the unique atmosphere and beautiful views of Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings in the world. Visit to one of the seven UAE Emirates will show how much development has been achieved in the name of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Dhow Cruise Dubai Dhow shipping in Dubai can show you that you can do your part too! Here are four ways of your contribution to SCP can support SDG12 in Dubai, UAE, and worldwide

What is the purpose of sustainable development 12?

The United Nations -nation has set 17 SDG as a global development goal to be achieved by all countries in 2030. Purpose 12 is about the consumption and sustainable production pattern, which means not consuming or producing more than what can be provided by the earth for our population Continue to grow. From reducing food waste to saving natural resources, there are many small actions that we can do that help advance SDG12 and make our planets more sustainable.

Dhow shipping benefits

For every tourist who is looking for an interesting and unique way to travel in Dubai waters, Dhow Cruise is one of your best choices. What’s more, these traditional Arabic sail ships are operated by several Dubai top hotels and resorts aimed at protecting their local heritage while also highlighting their world class facilities. If you want more information about how sustainable dhow cruise ships can be useful for you and our environment, keep reading!

Join us on a dhow cruise ship, here are the details …

Every Friday, Al Andalus and other local Dhow shipping operators offer a daily tour that takes you along Dubai’s Historic Creek. The sailboat that moves slowly is powered by the wind and displays a series of activities that range from archery, swimming, snorkeling, observing birds and more. Whatever you choose to do on your Cruise Dhow tour, is easy to see how it can help contribute to sustainable development.

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For daily posts on sustainable development. Find Dubai with Dhow Cruise last night on one of our classic wooden boats. Come and enjoy the delicious seafood prepared on the boat by our chef, when you watch the busy horizon in Dubai sliding through your window. Dhow cruise Deira As one of several selected companies operating in Burj Khalifa, we are proud to offer dining experiences that are unmatched at sea and promote safe ways to travel through our neutral carbon initiative.

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