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One of best Horse Care Tips.

Preparing a pony for the show ring isn’t something that should be possible in almost no time. Read Horse Care Tips to know more.


The famous saying, “you never get another opportunity to establish a decent first connection,” is genuine with regards to showing your pony. Regardless of whether you are appearing in strap or under seat, your passageway into the field is the second that the adjudicator focuses on make his underlying appraisal.

At the point when you come into the ring, the main thing the appointed authority will see is your pony’s general appearance and introduction. This is your most obvious opportunity to wow the adjudicator.

Numerous exhibitors commit a lot of time to preparing, rehearsing and idealizing their pony’s presentation, just to scam themselves with an ineffectively turned-out pony. The introduction of the pony is just as significant as the exhibition.

“Prepping has a major influence in by and large eye appeal to me, regardless of what the class is,” says Richard Petty of Santa Barbara, CA, who has been deciding since 1978. “An all around turned-out rider and pony is what is the issue here,” Petty says. “You can tell when an exhibitor is glad for the work they are doing in introducing their pony.”

Insignificant portrays a properly prepped horse as one that is spotless, cut and completely prepared. “You would be shocked at the number of ponies actually come into the show ring with shavings in their tails or compost stains on their jackets,” says Petty.

Preparing a pony for the show ring isn’t something that should be possible in almost no time, just before the entryway opens. Prepping for the show ring should start some time before show day. It is as much a piece of a pony’s ordinary daily schedule as is taking care of. A standard prepping regiment isn’t only for show ponies. It’s for each pony.


Put resources into quality pony prepping brushes and keep them clean. You can’t make an exhaustive showing preparing your pony with filthy or dusty brushes. Additionally, keeping them clean will help them last more.

To maintain a strategic distance from parasitic contaminations, don’t utilize your brushes on different ponies.

Curry your pony consistently. The more you curry, the more you get the oils the skin to the surface. With regards to currying, there is not a viable replacement for ordinary real effort.

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Select curries as indicated by the season. Winter curries are really shedding sharp edges that guide in eliminating hair as your pony sheds. Summer curries are round elastic brushes that arrive in an assortment of sizes and styles. Pick a little, delicate curry brush for the face and a bigger one for the body.

Brush the hair toward the path the hair develops. One of best Horse Care Tips.

Try not to disregard your pony’s hooves. They ought to be selected day by day, not exactly when you are preparing to ride.

Treat your pony’s feet to a lanolin-based foot conditioner in any event once every week to keep his hooves molded.

Know where your pony’s sensitive spots are and be extra delicate around those regions.

When brushing the mane and tail, start at the closures and move gradually up. In the event that you need your pony’s mane and tail to develop out, don’t brush it consistently. All things being equal, simply select any knot, shavings or twigs.

Prepping gloves are incredible for clearing dust off your pony and for applying fly shower.

In the event that your pony’s mane or tail gets an obstinate bunch in it, don’t cut or haul the bunch out. Use Cowboy Magic® Detangler and Shine to relax the bunch, and afterward cautiously detangle the hairs with your fingers.

To animate development, brush the dock of your pony’s tail every day with a dandy brush. This will release and eliminate the earth and dander that makes your pony irritated. Brushing the dock and upper piece of the tail bone additionally builds blood stream, which animates growth.40 Horse Grooming Tips Cowboy wizardry


When washing your pony, utilize delicate wipes, as they hold more water.

horse prepping instruments Cowboy Magic

Utilize the best pony cleanser. Wash your pony completely with Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Shampoo, chipping away at each part in turn, from the front of the pony to the back, and from the highest point of the pony to the base.

While hosing your pony, direct the flood of water from the front to the back with the goal that you don’t incidentally spurt him in the face.

Spot a cooler on a just-washed pony to diminish the chill.

Remember to wash under his tail and between his back legs.

In the event that it’s too cold to even think about washing your pony, soak up his neck, face, seat and bigness region with warm water to eliminate any perspiration.

Clean your gelding’s sheath or your horse’s udder when required. One of best Horse Care Tips.

To eliminate the minerals from your pony’s jacket, use Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Conditioner, which is detailed explicitly for eliminating hard water mineral stores and development from your pony’s fundamental, tail and coat.


In the event that you will body cut your pony for a show, do it up to 14 days before the show. Body cutting makes the coat dull for a little while, and you need to give it an opportunity to get its characteristic sparkle back.

Wash your pony before you cut him, as soil in your pony’s jacket will dull your trimmer edges and you will not get a nearby, even clasp.

Utilize clean sharp trimmer cutting edges and ensure your trimmers are good to go to guarantee the best outcomes.

As you cut, check the edges as often as possible to ensure they aren’t getting hot. In the event that they do warm up, let them cool or splash them with a cooling oil.

Completely condition your pony’s jacket and skin subsequent to cutting with Cowboy Magic® Rosewater Conditioner, as cutting removes the entirety of the oils from the hair. One of best Horse Care Tips.


On the off chance that you use oil and highlighter on your pony’s face for a show, use it sparingly, and ensure it looks characteristic and mixed. You need to maintain a strategic distance from the oily look.

Use infant powder, corn starch or French chalk on white socks to light up them.

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Continue to stick free dryer sheets available. You can run them through your pony’s mane or tail to lessen electricity produced via friction.

Fill nail openings in your pony’s hooves with a spackling compound that coordinates his foot tone.

To clean his feet, utilize a wax-based shoe clean. This will shield the foot from the drying influence of foot veneer.

In the event that you pull your pony’s mane, utilize a pulling brush to make the work simpler.

Pull your pony’s mane after you ride, as the pores will be open, making the hair simpler to eliminate.

Use Listerine to desensitize territories to be pulled. Rub a little onto the base of the mane before you start pulling the hair and when you are done to facilitate the tingle.

Utilize a touch of child powder within front of your pony’s cover to help cut down on scouring.

Wipe within your pony’s ears with a moist material to eliminate any soil or garbage.

To get that shimmering sparkle, shower Cowboy Magic® Super Bodyshine® on your pony’s perfect coat. Utilizing your hands, smooth the hair with brisk, light strokes. Allow the hair to dry for a couple of moments and afterward utilize a spotless, dry towel or delicate brush to clean the hair.

For a gleaming mane and tail, shower Super Bodyshine® splash onto clean hair, let it dry and afterward utilize a delicate brush to smooth the hair and draw out the sparkle. One of best Horse Care Tips.

For a speedy final detail and to eliminate any residue, splash a limited quantity of Super Bodyshine® onto a perfect towel and wipe down your pony.

For a speedy tidy up of a soil or excrement stain, use Cowboy Magic® Greenspot® Remover.

Make sure to grin and make some great memories!

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