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Guinea Pigs Care Tips

It ends up on the off chance that you observe 8 simple principles with regards to guinea pig care. Read Guinea Pigs Care Tips for more.


Each pet proprietor out there needs to take the most ideal consideration of their little pet, regardless of whether it’s a guinea pig, a hamster or a canine.

Notwithstanding, it very well may be truly difficult to sort out what is generally significant for the prosperity of your pet.

That is until now.

It ends up on the off chance that you observe 8 simple principles with regards to guinea pig care, odds are…

… . you’ll have a glad cavy.

In the post today, we will tell you precisely the best way to give your guinea pig the consideration it merits, and we’ve positioned the subjects arranged by significance.

Above all, we’ve made this piggyrific infographic with all the informations dense.

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A huge guinea pig confine

The main thing with regards to guinea pig care is having an enormous enclosure.

Your little piggy will go through over 23 hours of the day in its confine, so it should not shock anyone that it’s at the first spot on the list. One of the best Guinea Pigs Care Tips on this list.

In any case, sorting out what is a decent, huge confine that is additionally alright for you cavy is an alternate matter…

… and to exacerbate the situation, numerous confines showcased as test subject enclosures are either excessively little or risky for your little cavy.

Indeed, size matters! Here are the guinea pig confine rules

While getting an enclosure for your guinea pig, size matters. The American Humane Society has the accompanying rules for confines:

One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet confine (least), yet more is better; by and large 30″ x 36″ is a decent size.

Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (least), yet 10.5 square feet is liked; by and large 30″ x 50″ is a decent size.

Three guinea pigs: 5 square feet (least), yet 13 square feet is liked; by and large 30″ x 62″ is a decent size.

Four guinea pigs: 13 square feet (least), yet more is better; by and large 30″ x 76″ is a decent size.

You can discover more about the best guinea pig confines here, where we survey the best guinea pig confines. Here you’ll likewise discover more data about where to keep your guinea pig in the house.

Guinea pigs are not climbers and principally utilize one story to practice and live in. Accordingly, if there are additional floors these can’t be added to the ground floor space.

Where to put your guinea pig confine in the house

In light of temperature, dampness and the danger of drafts, we suggest putting your confine inside, ideal in the front room. Here are the reasons why:

Mingles the guinea pigs

Is close to family movement (which your piggies love)

Not on the floor – you’ll seem as though a monster and the piggies will feel each progression considerably more brutally. Likewise this will make even a little poodle look goliath to your guinea pig.

Likewise, it’s simpler to pet the guinea pigs and clean the enclosure when not on the floor

Things you’ll require in your cavy confine

At the point when you have gotten the enormous pen (which you cavy will adore) the time has come to sort out what to place in it. Here’s our agenda:

Water container and holder

A Food bowl. Fired food bowls work the best as they are un-tip-capable and un-chewable. You ought to get one for every piggy you have.

A house to cover up in. These are significant as your piggy requirements where it can sit while having a sense of safety. Once more, you’ll need one house for every pig.

Toys and passages

In the event that you are uncertain what to get, we have covered adornments and toys here.

Key takeaway:

Get a confine that is in any event 7.5 square feet yet focus on one that is bigger. Spot it in your lounge room.

Some organization

In the wild, guinea pigs live in little groups, typically comprising of one hog and a couple of females. As a prey creature, they discover strength (and security) in numbers, they actually need that security in bondage.

Shockingly, solitary guinea pigs will regularly become exhausted regardless of the degree of human communication, the degree of snuggles and the degree of toys. They are likewise more inclined to be demanding eaters and create (irritating) consideration looking for conduct.

Likewise, guinea pigs rest short of what we do, so we can’t give them the consideration they merit.

Therefore and for the wellbeing of both your and your pig, we emphatically suggest lodging guinea pigs two by two.

How might I ensure two guinea pigs will get along?

You can’t! However, whenever done accurately you have a decent possibility they will. Here are the main elements:

Two of everything: You need two houses, two restrooms, two food bowls and two water bottles. This guarantees the piggy can withdraw to its own area. What’s more, indeed, it is likewise a lot simpler for two piggies to get along than three.

One sex: Unless you have a fixed hog (or sows), you ought to have same-sex Females can get pregnant from the age of about a month.

Various ages: To expand the opportunity of an effective blending it is fitting to get pigs of various ages. Guys are extremely hormonal during the age of 4-14 months and can have fall-outs regardless of whether they are a totally viable pair. Having one past the teen age can help this.

Screen your pigs: You should screen your pigs and their connection intently. Yet, recollect that, you’re likely more stressed than they are. On the off chance that one pig assaults the other through methods, for example, assault peeing, tooth gabbing or nipping, this is ordinary crowd conduct.

Separate them for an hour or two: If you’ve seen a battle have a go at isolating the two piggies with a wire network down the center of the enclosure, so they are in their particular “corners”. This permits them to chill off.

Imagine a scenario in which I as of now have one guinea pig. Will it get desirous?

On the off chance that you as of now have one guinea pig and need to give it some organization, one inquiry that is regularly posed is whether this pig will get desirous.

The appropriate response is fortunately no, that is improbable, in this way, you ought to get some friendship for your cavy.

Keep in mind, they are alert more than us people, so they have a ton of time to kill during the day.

One thing worth recollecting is that you conceivably need to redesign your enclosure in case you’re getting a subsequent pig.

Key takeaway:

Get in any event two guinea pigs of a similar sex. It tends to be worthwhile to get two of various ages as they won’t be hormonal (teens) simultaneously.

Something to bite (guinea pig feed, feed, and more roughage!)

We’ll begin with something not all individuals know…

Guinea pigs are rodents which implies their teeth are continually developing.

For that reasons they need two things to hold the teeth under control:

The main thing in the confine is roughage, which the guinea pig ought to consistently approach. The teeth in the rear of the mouth of a guinea pig are ground down through the silica in grass and roughage. Consequently, roughage should make up around 80% of the day by day food admission. For additional on which roughage to take, you can look at our manual for guinea pig feed here.

Toys. Notwithstanding feed, it is a smart thought to get toys for your piggies. One of the best Guinea Pigs Care Tips on this list.

What toys to get for your guinea pig

At the pet store, you can get wooden pet toys that your hamster can bite on. Notwithstanding wooden bite toys, cardboard is likewise extraordinary. When utilizing cardboard try to utilize a substance free assortment.

We don’t suggest getting plastic toys for guinea pigs. This is because of the danger of your hamster chewing plastic free and processing it.

Other than the conspicuous wellbeing impact of biting toys on their teeth, these toys will likewise give a great action to your guinea pig, which will help keep them glad.

Snap here to study guinea pig toys and adornments.

Key takeaway:

Your guinea pig needs feed, roughage, and more feed and ought to consistently approach feed. Supplement the feed with toys, so your guinea pig consistently has something to do.

Give your guinea pig exercise and consideration consistently

Guinea pigs are social creatures and will cherish the consideration it gets.

Besides, it is critical to give them consideration consistently just as permitting them to practice outside their confine.

Here are a few things to have as a primary concern:

Allow your guinea to pig free in an encased zone. A playpen works incredible and can be utilized both inside and outside (if it is between 65-80 degrees)

In the event that you let it free outside make certain to screen it cautiously. Guinea pigs are little and can undoubtedly get through little openings

Put a couple toys and burrows in the assigned play territory

Step by step instructions to make recess drawing in for both guinea pig and proprietor

When allowing your guinea to pig out of its pen, you can be considerably more than simply an onlooker.

Here are a portion of the things you can do to ensure you have as much fun as your little piggy:

Instruct your guinea pig stunts. Indeed, guinea pigs are entirely shrewd and can be shown an assortment of stunts. You do as such by a blend of motion and sound while compensating your guinea pig when it gets the job done. It is hence very much like preparing canines. A few stunts remember representing rear legs, turning and bouncing.

Snuggle the pig. Guinea pigs like to be taken care of and snuggled with (if you have a bond) and they’ll appreciate being conveyed too. One of the best Guinea Pigs Care Tips on this list.

Step by step instructions to deal with your guinea pig

Getting your guinea pig is moderately simple and instinctive to do and here’s the secret.

Get it cautiously to maintain a strategic distance from any injury or uneasiness

Utilize one hand for help under the chest, while the other hand is utilized for help under the rump

Never get over its back, as doing so can restrain his relaxing

Furthermore, be mindful – it is a little pet which can undoubtedly be dropped

Key takeaway:

Make a point to connect with your guinea pig every day and let it out of its pen. It will cherish the consideration and your bond will get more grounded.

A spotless enclosure

Guinea pigs are spotless creatures naturally and will do a great deal of the cleaning work themselves. Nonetheless, they can’t do everything so as a test subject proprietor, there are two things you need to deal with:

Once each day: You should eliminate the craps from the pen each day. They are not difficult to spot and simple to eliminate.

Once each week: One time each week you should eliminate the sheet material from the enclosure, clean the pen and put in new sheet material. On the off chance that your pen begins getting rancid (likely from pee) before that think about changing your bedding. Great guinea pig bedding should most recent seven days without transmitting scents.

While cleaning the confine, make certain to practice your piggies as it is a characteristic time for your piggies to get some time outside of their pen.

Key takeaway:

Eliminate craps once each day and clean the confine once each week.

No hamster food! Feed legitimate guinea pig food consistently

For what reason do I need to take care of my guinea pig each day?

How about we start by posing an inquiry: If you had a feline or a canine would you feed it consistently?

You would, obviously, feed it consistently, and the equivalent goes for your little piggy – the reality it is more modest and lives in a pen doesn’t change that. One of the best Guinea Pigs Care Tips on this list.

This will likewise prompt another favorable position: You’ll have the option to screen the admission of your piggies.

In the event that one out of nowhere quits eating or drinking this is a likely indication of an infection and on the off chance that it occurs, we suggest seeing a vet.

What to take care of your guinea pig

As of now referenced, about 80% of your piggies diet ought to be timothy roughage. Here is the full breakdown of the suggested day by day diet for your pig:

Roughly 80% timothy feed

10-15% snacks like vegetables and new spices. Go for what might be compared to 1 cup-full, which will weigh ~2oz (50 grams)

5-10% pellets of guinea pig food. One eight of a cup or somewhat less than an ounce is all they require. In the event that they are quickly developing pigs up to the age of 4-6 months, you can twofold this proportion.

Keeping a new eating routine

When giving your guinea pigs treats (they’ll ruin rapidly) you should be honest about eliminating uneaten organic products, veggies, and other transient nourishments. Preferably, you should check for immaculate or incomplete treats an hour subsequent to having offered these to your pig.

With respect to the pellets, these ought to be supplanted consistently. Guinea pigs regularly kick bedding material or droppings into their food bowls, and lifeless pellets will have nearly nothing assuming any, Vitamin C left in them.

On the off chance that there are numerous pellets left in the food bowl each day, you’re most likely giving your pig excessively. An eighth of a cup is all that is required.

How can I say whether I am finished/starving my guinea pig?

Most importantly, the ideal load for 75% of guinea pigs is between 40-50 oz (1,000-1,200g).

Nonetheless, if your pig isn’t inside this reach it very well may be normal, as weight is just something single to screen.

The most ideal path is rather to feel the weight of the pig. Here are the rules:

A solid piggy ought to have a ribcage that can be felt, yet where few out of every odd single rib is sticking out

In the event that you can’t feel any ribs whatsoever, your piggy is in all probability overweight. Take a stab at lessening the pellet consumption and additionally cut down on treats – particularly organic products which has more sugar. One of the best Guinea Pigs Care Tips on this list.

On the opposite side, if each and every rib is standing apart your piggy is likely underweight and you should expand its eating regimen of pellets and additionally snacks

The weight is a preferred pointer of wellbeing over body shape. Particularly the female pigs regularly have a behind that can turn out to be very huge without them being overweight.

Key takeaway:

Feed your guinea pig a reasonable eating regimen of 80% feed, 10-15% vegetables and natural products, and 5-10% pelleted food. Furthermore, give it new water each day.

Brush their hair and trim their toenails

It is a smart thought to brush the hairs of your guinea pigs consistently. For more limited haired guinea pigs this diminishes destroying and for longer haired guinea pigs it is a need, as their hair can in any case get ensnared.

For long-haired guinea pigs, you should brush them in any event two times every month, to guarantee their hair doesn’t get entrapped.

You can see some great guinea pig brushes here.

Notwithstanding brushing the hide of the guinea pigs, you additionally need to cut their toenails. This ought to likewise be done two times a month and is somewhat more overwhelming to do them a few times – on the off chance that you treat it terribly, the guinea pig can begin dying. One of the best Guinea Pigs Care Tips on this list.

In this way, here’s the way to cut the toe-nails of a guinea pig:

Ensure you have a legitimate guinea pig nail trimmer that is fit to how their nails develop

Get your guinea pig

For each nail, recognize where the snappy is. The fast is the place where the veins and sensitive spot are and on the off chance that you cut into this, the pig will begin dying

In the event that your guinea pig has clear nails, the snappy will be the obvious pink part. In the event that it has obscurely hued nails, focus a light behind it, so you can see the various shades of the nail.

Spot the guinea pig on your lap with its stomach looking out

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Hold one leg delicately and begin to manage each nail prior to proceeding onward to the following leg

Key takeaways:

About two times a month, make your own pet salon where you brush the hair and clasp the nails of your guinea pigs.

No boisterous sounds close to your guinea pig

Guinea pigs are (little) prey creatures living in regions of the world with high grass – zones where the meeting sense is worth more than your sight.

Thus, it isn’t astonishing they have built up an extremely sharp feeling of hearing.

Because of their sharp feeling of hearing, any unexpected uproarious sounds are fundamentally what could be compared to an individual presented to two metal articles being hammered together.

It is fine having the guinea pig in your lounge with an intermittent film sounds from the television, however on the off chance that you have individuals in your family who will in general yell at the TV during sports, consider whether you should give your piggy some recess elsewhere during the game.

Key takeaway:

The guinea pig has an extremely sharp feeling of hearing so stay away from noisy and unexpected sounds where it resides.

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