Crafting Cannabis Excellence: A Guide to Creating Shatter

Creating Shatter


Shatter, a beloved cannabis concentrate known for its glass-like appearance and potent effects, has captivated the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide shopping at Cheap Shatter Canada and other online dispensaries that provide concentrates online. Crafting this exquisite extract requires precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of the extraction process. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the art of creating shatter, exploring the steps involved, the equipment needed, and the key considerations for achieving top-tier results.

Understanding Shatter:

Before diving into the creation process, let’s briefly explore what shatter is. Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate known for its translucent appearance, brittle texture, and high potency. It’s made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant using solvents like butane or CO2, resulting in a concentrated and highly potent substance.

The Extraction Process:

Creating shatter involves several key steps, including:

           Preparation: Begin by selecting high-quality cannabis flower or trim for extraction. Grind the plant material to increase surface area and ensure optimal extraction efficiency.

           Extraction: The extraction process involves using a solvent, such as butane or CO2, to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. This can be done using a closed-loop extraction system or an open blast method, depending on the equipment and expertise available.

           Purging: Once the cannabinoids and terpenes have been extracted, the solvent must be removed to yield the final shatter product. This is typically done using a vacuum oven or a heat source to gently evaporate the solvent while preserving the integrity of the extract.

          Processing: After purging, the extract may undergo additional processing steps, such as winterization or filtration, to remove impurities and further refine the product.

Equipment Needed:

Creating shatter requires specialized equipment to ensure safety, efficiency, and quality. Some essential equipment includes:

          Extraction System: This can range from a simple open blast setup to a more sophisticated closed-loop extraction system, depending on the scale and complexity of the operation.

          Vacuum Oven: A vacuum oven is essential for purging the solvent from the extract while maintaining precise temperature and pressure conditions.

          Safety Gear: Personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and a lab coat, is crucial for ensuring the safety of the extraction process.

Key Considerations:

When creating shatter, several factors can influence the quality and potency of the final product:

          Starting Material: The quality of the cannabis flower or trim used for extraction plays a significant role in determining the quality of the shatter. Selecting high-quality, well-cured cannabis with a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile is essential.

          Extraction Method: The choice of extraction method can impact the purity, potency, and flavor of the shatter. Closed-loop extraction systems are generally preferred for their safety and efficiency, while open blast methods may yield lower-quality extracts.

          Purging Conditions: Proper purging is essential for removing residual solvents and ensuring the final shatter product is clean, pure, and potent. Maintaining precise temperature and pressure conditions during purging is crucial for achieving optimal results.


Creating shatter is a delicate and intricate process that requires skill, expertise, and attention to detail. By understanding the extraction process, investing in quality equipment, and prioritizing safety and quality at every step, it’s possible to create shatter of exceptional quality and potency. Whether you’re a seasoned extractor or a budding enthusiast, mastering the art of creating shatter opens up a world of possibilities for crafting top-tier cannabis concentrates.

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