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Black Bear Facts

The mountain bear Ursus americanus is the littlest, yet generally normal, of the three bear species found in America. Read Black Bear Facts.


The mountain bear Ursus americanus is the littlest, yet generally normal, of the three bear species found in America (after the polar bear and wild bear). They’re still huge however! Wild bear weight differs gigantically relying upon age, sex and season – mountain bears can be 30% heavier in fall than they are in spring.

Accordingly, grown-up mountain bears can weigh somewhere in the range of 45-250kg. As indicated by one examination in California, grown-up female wild bears gauged a normal of 58kg, while guys weighed 86kg by and large. Mountain bears living in Alaska that can take care of broadly on salmon weigh around 30kg more.

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Female wild bear in Ontario, Canada

Female wild bears may be more modest than guys, however they’re not little! © mlorenzphotography/Getty

Mountain bears are enormously solid too, ready to nonchalantly flip stones weighing over 140kg with a solitary paw.

Where do mountain bears live?

Mountain bears are just found in North America. The species goes from Canada in the north to Mexico in the south, and lives transcendently in woods, benefiting from organic product, nuts, shoots and vegetation.

Across their whole reach all through North America, mountain bears are thought to have a complete populace of around 800,000. Important Black Bear Facts in our list.

A mom wild bear and her two whelps stroll out and about close to a lake in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Jasper, Alberta

These mountain bears are sufficiently fortunate to live in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. © mlorenzphotography/Getty

Wild bear versus mountain bear

Wild bears watch out for live in more open zones, while mountain bears lean toward thickly forested uneven districts, yet there is as yet extensive cover between the two. On the off chance that a wild bear and a mountain bear were to get into a battle, you should put your cash on the grizzly. Wild bears are fundamentally bigger, all the more remarkable and more forceful – a mountain bear could possibly set up a battle, however it won’t win.

Mountain bear thundering in backwoods

A polar bear could possibly take on this grizzly, yet a wild bear wouldn’t do so well. © Byrdyak/Getty

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Can wild bears climb trees?

Mountain bears are magnificent climbers and are regularly shot scaling trees. Their hooks give them extraordinary grasp, and the branches offer youths wellbeing from hunters. Offspring can be bold, moving high into the treetops.

A wild bear whelp sticking to a tree trunk in Ontario

A wild bear whelp sticking to a tree trunk in Ontario. © Keith Szafranski/Getty

Could mountain bears swim?

Mountain bears are additionally acceptable swimmers, and will promptly enter water looking for fish. Mountain bear offspring take to the water effectively and rapidly. One of our #1 wild bear realities is that one grown-up is accepted to have swum nine miles along the Gulf of Mexico.

Wild bear (Ursus americanus) swimming in Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Wild bear swimming in Tongass National Forest, Alaska. © Bob Gurr/Getty

Wild bear life expectancy

Mountain bears live for a normal of 18 years in the wild, however the record is an amazing 39 years. The most seasoned hostage mountain bear was 44 years of age when it passed on.

How quick can a wild bear run?

Wild bears will in general rearrange along gradually when strolling, however can run at velocities of around 40-50kph. Nonetheless, they can’t keep up this speed for long. Stout bears in hefty winter coats tire out especially rapidly. Important Black Bear Facts in our list.

Wild bear (Ursus americanus) running

A grown-up wild bear on the run. © Gary Vestal/Getty

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Are wild bears consistently dark?

Regardless of their name, wild bears are not generally dark – they can likewise be light earthy colored, fair or even dim blue. A subspecies of wild bear with white hide, known as the Kermode or soul bear, lives in British Columbia.

Wild bear in birch woods, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

This mountain bear is more earthy colored than dark, with heaps of ginger hide on its back. © Manuel Romaris/Getty

With a populace of close to 400 remaining in the wild, soul bears are a portion of the world’s most uncommon vertebrates – yet additionally among the most fantastic.

Look at our rundown of 10 soul bear realities you need to know!

Photograph © Ken Canning/Getty

Kermode (Spirit) Bear chasing for salmon in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

What number of offspring do mountain bears have?

Female mountain bears can bring forth up to six offspring, however commonly have a few, and normally breed each and every other year. Offspring stay with their mom for around a year and a half. Important Black Bear Facts in our list.

A mother wild bear with 3 whelps

A mother mountain bear with 3 offspring. © Mark Moore/Getty

For what reason do bears take human food?

Mountain bears will leave the woods and travel numerous miles to look for food, entering back nurseries and camping areas. They have an excellent feeling of smell, driving them to search out food things in refuse receptacles and outside storerooms. They are additionally completely fit for breaking into vehicles.

Wild bear assaulting house trash. Summer. Rough Mountains. Ursus americanus.

Wild bear assaulting house trash. © Thomas Kitchin and Victoria Hurst/Getty

Chasing wild bears

As indicated by Born Free USA, mountain bears can be legitimately pursued in 27 states in America, and between 40,000 to 50,000 bears are lawfully pursued there every year. More are illicitly poached, and many are murdered in fender benders too.

Mountain bear offspring ascending tree trunk

Trackers would now be able to shoot and lure bear offspring and resting bears on public untamed life asylums in Alaska after Trump upset a boycott. © Daniel Friend/Getty

How would it be a good idea for you to respond in the event that you see a mountain bear?

In the event that you run over a wild bear at short proximity, the typical guidance is to withdraw gradually, as yet confronting the bear. Try not to run. Mountain bears are known to make mock-charges to inside a couple of meters – on the off chance that they do this, hold fast and yell.

Female mountain bear and whelps

Female mountain bears with whelps can be especially hazardous on the off chance that they feel their fledglings are compromised. © W. Drew Senter/Longleaf Photography/Getty

The best places to see mountain bears in the US

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Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Chunk of ice coasting before cloudy forest in Tongass National Forest

Tongass National Forest is a delightful and distant space of South East Alaska that is incredible for spotting wild bears. © VW Pics/Getty

The vast majority travel to Alaska to see earthy colored and polar bears, so where mountain bears are the focal point of consideration is uncommon. However, this is the situation at the Anan Wildlife Observatory in Tongass National Forest.

In July and August wild bears assemble at a cascade just under a review stage to benefit from generating pink salmon. For the best insight, stay for the time being at the Anan Bay Cabin.

Tofino, British Columbia

Female mountain bear with her two offspring, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada © wanderluster/Getty

Female mountain bear with whelps in Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. © wanderluster/Getty

On the west bank of Vancouver Island, Tofino offers an awesome wild experience and the densest populaces of mountain bears on the planet.

In mid-summer they can without much of a stretch be seen on the rough foreshores, where they meander at low tide to devour crabs and fish. Orcas and dark and humpback whales are likewise normal.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

Geothermal pool with steam ascending in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is perhaps the most astounding, and generally famous, public parks in the US, and it’s fabulous for bear watching! © Chung Hu/Getty

Yellowstone National Park is the solitary spot where you can without much of a stretch see mountain bears in the midst of other magnetic untamed life like buffalo, elk, moose, grizzlies and wolves. Be that as it may, this is a gigantic park, so it assists with recruiting a natural life master as your guide.

Incredible Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina and Tennessee

Wild bear (Ursus americanus) offspring diving tree in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA

Wild bear dropping tree in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. © Don Johnston/Getty

The deciduous woods of Great Smoky Mountains National Park are among the best places to spot wild bears in the eastern USA.

Despite the fact that the recreation center has a high thickness of bears, they can be restless and hard to watch – besides along Cades Cove Loop Road, an old property region with relict plantations, natural product trees and open knolls, which draws in bunches of bears among April and October.

Gator River National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina

Still water mirroring the woodland trees under a blue sky in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge

Gator River National Wildlife Refuge. © Moelyn Photos/Getty

Gator River was set up on the North Carolina beach to ensure a leftover of the one of a kind wetland natural surroundings called ‘pocosin’, yet it is additionally one of the final fortresses for mountain bears on the Eastern Seaboard.

In the Milltail part of the shelter, mountain bears meander out from muggy bushes to take care of in close by fields, and in summer you can join a ‘nightfall visit’ that incorporates a chance to see bears around evening time. Then again, drive the Milltail Road all alone.

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